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If you have property for sale or to rent, now you can simultaneously reach millions of desktop and mobile users searching for property FREE with GOYODA  
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Reach out from your desktop with short, unobtrusive and highly targeted property listings that land directly in the pockets of potential prospects. It's quick, simple and free to use. With free-forever tweet archiving, you can also be sure your valuable tweets have a 24/7 searchable web-presence too- not just on mobile. Click your country button on the left to view your target location #hashtag and open the posting page. You can also add full property listings on our global property forums completely free.

<<< If you're looking for property to buy or rent, choose your country on the left, then join one of the location hashtags. Click on a location to view current listings, or join with your twitter account or email to receive live updates the minute a property becomes available. Listings are updated every 10 seconds
Millions of people globally are using Twitter to market services, so why aren't you? Join GoYoda now. This is how your property listings will appear as mobile Tweet results:

Contribute information on buying or selling property in your country using our Property Insights pages. Share your property expertise, buying or selling experiences, knowledge of property law or anything else you feel may be useful to assist local property buyers and overseas investors. Highly informative content submissions see example will be given a dedicated page on GoYoda with banner advertising and a hotlink to your own property website or blog